How to apply for financial support

TAEF is a non-profit foundation incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands. The object of the foundation is the financial support and active monitoring of projects aimed at the survival and welfare of the Asian elephant and to perform all that is connected there to in the broadest sense of the word. 

TAEF receives funding mainly through donations made by the organization ‘Elephant Parade’. TAEF further receives donations through third parties.

TAEF has determined the following selection criteria:

  1. TAEF funds activities which can improve the well-being of the elephants in Asia.
  2. Funding can be given to projects that include wild as well as domesticated elephants.
  3. TAEF gives priority to projects or activities that benefit large numbers of elephants.
  4. TAEF can be the only sponsor of projects or can contribute to larger projects together with other donors.
  5. TAEF itself may select projects or receive applications from organizations as well as individuals.
  6. Each application must comply with the abovementioned criteria and sent to:

The applicant will receive a confirmation of receipt of the form within a week. Generally a final answer will be given within 3 months.